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What Christian Leaders Are Saying…

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Ronnie Norman
"Our people at First Colony loved your No Debt No Sweat! Seminar because it was practical and hopeful. Plus, our people liked you and your engaging conversational style. Looking forward to your return."
- Ronnie Norman, Sen. Minister, First Colony Church of Christ, Sugar Land, TX
Jeff Walling
"The NDNS seminar was a huge hit with our people! It brought in visitors, enthused our members and left everyone with excellent principles for practical stewardship and budgeting. It was fun and Steve was a great presenter! If you are considering using Steve Diggs, it's a no sweat decision: Just say yes!"
- Jeff Walling, Providence Road Church of Christ, Providence
Cecil May "I have heard nothing but raves. Thanks for the good work you do!"
- Dr. Cecil May Jr., Dean, Faulkner University
David Burks "The message that Steve Diggs presents is one that needs to be told as often as possible. It is a message that is easy to understand and practical in today's society. I highly recommend No Debt No Sweat! to schools, churches, couples, parents, anyone who is interested in money management from a Godly perspective."
- Dr. David B. Burks, President, Harding University
Willard Tate "I highly recommend the No Debt No Sweat! Seminar…We need to be wise stewards for the Lord, and I believe Steve's program can help us to do this. It can also be very useful to young marrieds to avoid the pitfall of financial problems in their marriage."
- Willard Tate, Abilene Christian University, Abilene, Texas
Don Mclaughlin "Thank you so much for ministering to us and for us. We were richly blessed and the conversations you stirred continue to grow and encourage people in making better financial decisions. God be with you."
- Don McLaughlin, Minister, North Atlanta Church of Christ, Atlanta
Jerry and Lynn Jones "In this time of financial uncertainty, Steve Diggs' No Debt No Sweat! Seminar is a must! By using humor, practicality, and authenticity Steve presents a Biblically based and informative model of good stewardship for all ages and life situations."
- Jerry and Lynn Jones, Marriage Matters Ministries
Randy Becton "Good, easy to understand stuff...thanks for being a servant to the brotherhood!"
-Randy Becton, Herald of Truth and Hope for Life Ministries
Walt Leaver "Thank you...God used you mightily to both encourage and equip...lives were changed through you! We truly appreciate your unselfish commitment...it's always great having you!"
-Walt Leaver, Vice President, Lipscomb University
Joe Beam "Audiences across America invite Steve back over and over again because he says what they need to hear. Don't miss Steve...he nails it every time! Your life will be blessed."
-Joe Beam, President, LovePath International
John Clayton "I recommend Steve and his program as a great Christian way to address the growing financial problem among Christians. Serving congregations will find this a great way to reach out to the communities they serve."
-John Clayton, Does God Exist? Ministry
Pat Boone "A friend of mine for years, Steve Diggs is eminently qualified to help others develop the money skills, life skills and God skills that will help them go the distance. Don't miss Steve!"
-Pat Boone, Entertainment Icon
Cal Thomas "Steve Diggs helps us in our struggle between...the temporal and the eternal. We all need this kind of help."
-Cal Thomas, FOX News and USA Today
Colonel "Wow...what a presentation! Your communication skills are second to none and command the attention of all ages--from senior officers to the nineteen-year olds working on the jets. God has gifted you."
-Colonel Michael Whittington, USAF (retired) Command Chaplain of the Pacific
Dennis Jones "We have had two No Debt No Sweat! Seminars with Steve Diggs on our campus and we have scheduled another one for next year. I would recommend this valuable and helpful seminar to any Christian group or business."
- Dennis Jones, President, Heritage Christian University, Florence, Alabama

“When it comes to finances and life-skills, Steve Diggs is the real deal.  The modern world is changing faster than ever—Steve stays ahead of the curve and lights the way for the rest of us!  You’ve got to see Steve!”    –Charlie Chase, Radio & TV Host


“ Steve is the best.  I often refer friends and clients.  I admire (Steve because he makes) sure that he gets the facts straight and presents them in an entertaining way.”  Paul Winkler, President, The Investor Coach, Inc., ChFC, RIA & Radio Host

Gene Stallings"Whether it's on the football field or in real life, one of the keys to victory is good coaching. Steve Diggs' teachings as a life coach have blessed people worldwide. Steve is a life skills coach who knows his subject and communicates it with authority. He gets to the point, he tells the truth, and he shows others how to enjoy abundant success. He has blessed my life. I know that Steve will bless your life too." -Gene Stallings, Professional & College Football Coach (Retired)

"With a world to win for Christ, Christians need to learn to be financially capable and accountable, especially in this time of ups and downs in our economy. Steve Diggs' interesting, practical and forceful presentations in his No Debt No Sweat! Seminars are needed and all who attend will profit from his classes."
- Tex Williams, World Bible School and Elder, Westover Hills Church of Christ

"Your financial seminar at the Bright Angel church of Christ was a big success! The elders have received words of thanks from members of all ages. This would be an appropriate program on Christian stewardship for other congregations to provide for their members."
- Thomas Trimble, Elder, Bright Angel Church of Christ and
Former Chairman, Pepperdine University Boards of Regents

"We had a lot of good comments from those who attended the seminar at Garnett. You gave much useful information on money management. Your presentation really motivated people to get out of debt. We would recommend the seminar to anyone."
- Ken Hager, Elder, Garnett church of Christ, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"The No Debt No Sweat! Seminar was very helpful for the Figueroa Church of Christ and for me personally. I am pleased to recommend it to others."
- Dr. Calvin Bowers, Senior Minister, Figueroa Church of Christ, Los Angeles;
Professor of Communications, Pepperdine University

"Once again, we express our gratitude for the excellent seminar you presented in San Diego. The feedback was terrific!"
- Kevin Withem, Senior Minister, Northern Hills Church, San Diego

"The No Debt No Sweat! Seminar is an effective tool in encouraging members to get serious about financial responsibility. My wife and I benefited greatly."
- Chris Smith, Senior Minister, Harpeth Hills church of Christ, Nashville

"I want to add my word of appreciation to you for the very profitable week-end you recently spent with the Sunset church of Christ. Your seminar was sorely needed and warmly received. Each topic was so thoroughly analyzed that it would be difficult to say which portion was of the greatest benefit…it sounded a strong warning for those headed for fiscal disaster, and yet provided hope…for those who had already given up hope of ever breathing another breath of debt-free air."
- Cline Paden, Chancellor, Sunset International Bible Institute, Lubbock

"This seminar has helped hundreds of people escape the credit trap and regain financial stability. (Steve's) insight and humor make the seminar a joyful, yet practical experience…you will be blessed by hearing these messages."
- Dr. Bruce White, Senior Minister, Madison Church of Christ, Madison, TN

"Steve has an incredible talent to reach all ages, as well as crossing socio-economic lines. It was exactly what we needed!"
- Chuck McAlpin, Family Minister, Hixson church of Christ, Chattanooga, TN

"I received lots of good feedback. I believe the seminar will have a tremendous impact on our church family."
- David Hogan CPA, Ron Blue & Co. and North Atlanta Church of Christ

“Thank you so much for being here..you were such a blessing to this church…It was without a doubt the most successful event we have shared with this church family in years. To God be the glory.”
- Peter Gunn, Elder and Inv. Minister, Round Rock Church of Christ, Austin

"Steve Diggs' No Debt No Sweat! Seminar is exactly what the financial doctor ordered. His Biblically based sessions give down-to-earth, understandable financial advice desperately needed by so many folks today. I would highly recommend it."
- Dan Rouse, Senior Minister, Sunset Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas

"I would like to express our deepest appreciation for the great job you did…untold good has been done for us. Every single comment…has been positive and encouraging. When you can be a blessing to so many people surely God is pleased…best summarized by the young mother who breathlessly said, 'We needed this!' I am also aware of a number of non-Christians who were with us and blessed…We are praying this will open doors of opportunity to teach them further!"
- Steve Lusk, Outreach Minister, Red Bank Church of Christ, Chattanooga

"Your No Debt No Sweat! Seminar was a hit! The presentation was fast paced, enthusiastic and covers a wide range of financial information based on God's word. With so many people having financial struggles today, whether they are university students, young families, or retirement age, they need to hear your suggestions as to how we can control money and not allow money to control us. Thanks!"
- Rodney Roberts, Involvement Minister, Lubbock, Texas

"Thank you so much…Many families will be greatly blessed as a result of you being with us. We hope that including our teens might help them avoid some of the problems faced by many adults. We were very pleased with your content. I highly recommend it without reservation. I only wish I had been exposed to this information 20 years ago! May you be blessed in knowing that you offer a worthwhile, and very much needed, ministry."
- Russ King, Minister, Rural Hill Church of Christ, Nashville, Tennessee

"Out of a lifetime of experience, Steve Diggs, with the help of his entire family, has demonstrated how to live and excel in the present world while at the same time achieving the victory as a spiritual warrior. For many years I have been an admirer of this great man and his family. I recommend to you and support Steve's No Debt No Sweat! Ministry. It is life changing!"
- Alan Bryan, Christian Teacher and Author

"I found Steve Diggs' seminar to be both attention-grabbing and informative. Steve does a good job weaving together personal experiences, illustrations and factual material. I wish I had heard this information 25 years ago. The information Steve shares is vital for today's young couples. Steve's section on stewardship is a "must-hear" for today's church."
- Rick Ross, Pulpit Minister, Mesquite church of Christ, Dallas, Texas

"There is something for everyone in Steve Diggs' No Debt No Sweat! Seminar. His presentations are filled with energy, humor, and practical insight. I especially appreciate how he combines Biblical truths with solid financial guidance. His seminar will bless all who have an opportunity to hear it."
- Jim Anderson, Family Life Minister, Nashville, Tennessee

"It was such a joy to have the first No Debt No Sweat! Seminar here at the Antioch church of Christ. In my opinion this seminar meets real life needs. It's right up there with such vital subjects as Marriage, Family, and Parenting. Because of that, it is an excellent community outreach tool as well as being a blessing to every member of your congregation."
- Mike Root, Pulpit Minister, Florissant church of Christ, St. Louis

"Thanks for the weekend. I really believe your time here will be a blessing for us for a long time to come."
- Danny Dodd, Pulpit Minister, Gateway Church of Christ, Pensacola, FL

"I am a rejoicing woman and I have you and God to thank. Something in the lessons you gave here at Singing Oaks reached my (spouse) and we are beginning a new life. Praise God for you and your talents in helping people. You will never know how much you have impacted our lives."
Staff Member, Singing Oaks Church of Christ, Denton, Texas

"Thank you for your part in making this perhaps the our best workshop to date. Your efforts have touched the lives of people from all over the country. People came from as far as Illinois to hear what you had to say-and they were blessed. Thank you soooo much for making our workshop so meaningful and enriching!"
- Kevin Schwiger, Director, Spiritual Growth Workshop, Fresno, California

"The Seminar was a great success! Whether you were a college student just beginning to deal with finances, married with a young family, parents planning for college, planning for retirement or already retired, there was something for you. If you want to learn how to manage your finances the way God intends, this is a MUST for you."
- Bob Terrell, Pulpit Minister, Spanish Fort Church of Christ, Mobile, Alabama

"Steve, your message was right on target!"
- Dan Bean, Elder, Huntingburg Church of Christ, Indiana

"Thanks again for the great job you did for us. You have been a blessing to our personal and church family."
- Mark Hodges, Minister, Suncoast Church of Christ, Lake Worth, Florida

"Thank you for coming to Fort Smith. I for one am especially pleased since my son and his wife have already implemented some of the life changing truths you taught. They will be well-equipped to deal with their financial life because of your seminar and book."
- Lynn Dickey, Office Manager, West-Ark Church of Christ, Fort Smith, AR

"Thank you so much for sharing your material and your heart with us. I have heard numerous positive comments from folks (including our elders) who were blessed by your presentations. I am thankful the Antioch church is using you as a missionary of sorts in…helping provide congregations like ours a vehicle by which we can reach out to our community and offer people help with their finances so that we may then help them with spiritual needs also."
- Clyde Slimp, Pulpit Minister, Rockwall & Brin Church of Christ, Terrell, Texas

"This was the most successful event that we have conducted over the years."
- Ron Russell, Shepherd, Seaford, Delaware

"I continue to hear people discussing the seminar and ALL has been very positive. Thanks for a great job."
- Ron McFarland, Minister, Dover, Delaware

"We completed our seminar last night and it was great! Steve made a powerful biblical presentation with day-to-day applications. He not only was informative, but he used object lessons and props and humor to alleviate some of the stressful points that debt brings. I highly recommend you get him…"
- Ken Ellis, Minister, Hastings Church of Christ, Hastings, Nebraska

"I wanted to tell you how much your seminar has meant and will mean to my wife, me and our four children…we are determined to take advantage of all of the information that you shared with us. I really appreciate this ministry that you have undertaken and I know that it is producing that real heart change in countless people…"
-- James Lampley, Minister, New York Avenue Church of Christ, Oak Ridge, TN

"No Debt No Sweat! (book) is not only about the danger of creating a burden of debt but also about helping us develop healthy lifestyles...to walk before God with integrity."
- Christian Chronicle, September 2004, page 32

"Thanks for blessing the congregation with your seminar and your strong walk with Jesus. Everyone I've talked to has given the seminar high marks."
- Buddy Gray, Outreach Evangelist, Davis Park Church of Christ, Modesto, CA

"I can't say 'thank you' enough to express how grateful I am that you agreed to come and share the No Debt No Sweat! Seminar at the McDermott Road church. You have truly blessed this congregation!"
- Tim Pyles, Senior Minister, McDermott Road church of Christ, Plano, Texas

"The No Debt No Sweat! Seminar has been such a blessing…The whole church is talking about how much they benefited…You have enriched the people of this congregation by giving them hope and a plan to get out of debt and glorify God with His resources."
- Gary Vancil, Preacher, Poteau Church of Christ, Poteau, OK

"We really appreciated the workshop. I know many of our families will be blessed for years to come."
- Ron Cutsinger, Elder, Central Church of Christ, Sarasota, Florida

"Just wanted thank you from the elders at Grace Chapel for the great presentation…I've heard many great comments…We will need to do this again…"
- Richard Crowder, Elder, Grace Chapel church of Christ, Cumming (Atlanta)

Click here to see what Seminar Attendees are saying...